August, 30th to September 3rd
10h às 20h
Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 - Vila Guilherme, 02055-000 - São Paulo / SP
How do I know my registration was approved?
Right after the registration is completed, the visitor receives a message, on the e-mail registered, informing that his/her registration has been successfully completed, however, it will be analyzed and in up to 07 business days to be approved. In this analysis, we will check and research the information informed and if your professional activity falls within the segment of the Fair. If it is not approved, we will ask for a document to prove activity in the segment, followed by further analysis.
Can I bring someone with me?
The visitor can register, on the same CNPJ, as many CPFs as necessary to visit the fair, there is no specific limit. However, for each person who has an interest in participating, a new registration is required. It is important to point out that only visitors who belong to the segment of the Fair are allowed in, that is, people who work in these areas.
Can I bring children?
Since this is Business Fair, children are not allowed in, except in the case of infants and adolescents over 16 years old.
Can I keep my belongings in the storeroom?
Yes, we will provide storerooms located at the entrances so that visitors can store their belongings and enjoy the fair better.
How do I get my credential?
For visitors who registered until 3 days to the start of the event, they will receive their credentials via mail, according to the address that they indicated in the registration. After that date, the credential should be taken in one of the electronic totems located at the entrance of the Fair, inserting the number of the registered CPF. Visitors who have not received the credential, due to some problem of address or mail, are able to take it in one of the electronic totems. The credential will give access to every day of the event.
I'm a student, can I go?
Yes, students will have different registration and vacancies will be available for classes from different institutions. Partnerships will be held with colleges and universities for the Fair's Student Program. The visit will be monitored by one member of the organization and one teacher per class, usually on the last day of the Fair. Soon, we will open the registration, and students will have access to a certificate of additional hours to present at the college, exclusive gifts offered by ABCasa, presentation of a successful case with some exhibitor and free food, besides the access to free transport offered by ABCasa.
Can I shop at the Fair?
It is not allowed to buy within the fair and leave with bags, but only to carry out business and orders to be delivered later, according to the rules established by the Association and following the negotiation criteria of each exhibitor. In case any visitor leaves with a sold item, the bag will be confiscated by the organization.